Colostomy Closure

Colostomy Closure

This is an opening of the bowel. It drains waste out onto the skin, instead of down the normal way into the back passage (rectum & anus). This opening is temporary and is usually surgically created due to two reasons: 

1. Diversion of stool away from a surgical connection between different parts of the colon, for its protection.

2. Severe prior infection that will not allow reconnection of the different parts of the colon together.

Colonoscopy or barium imaging has to be done prior to reconnecting the colon together to test any previous connection, or to detect any residual pathology in the colon. If the tests show no contra-indications, Colostomy Closure or reconnecting the colon together can be done.

This can be done through minimally invasive approach (laparoscopy) even after prior open procedure.