Hernias are defects that allow abnormal protrusion of an organ into it. Most common hernias known are the external hernias that occur in the abdominal wall. They usually allow protrusion of fat or bowel through them. They can enlarge in size to fit more contents.

Hernias occur due to a constant increased pressure on a weak point usually. Anything that raises the intraabdominal pressure plays a role in hernia formation. Increasing weight, multiple pregnancies, chronic constipation, chronic severe cough, chronic straining to either urinate of defecate, or lifting heavy weights are all contributing factors.

There are also other acquired factors that can weaken the abdominal wall as well as delay healing; most importantly, smoking.

All these factors need to be addressed prior to any external hernia treatment.

Internal hernias usually have a different etiology. They are less common and occur more frequently in patients who had prior surgery, especially after procedures involving bowel resection.

At GBMC, we offer treatment for all types of hernias, even complicated recurrent ones with great outcomes. We use minimally invasive methods to treat complicated hernias. All kinds of meshes used to strengthen the hernia repair are present at GBMC and Jordan Hospital.